Monday, May 18, 2015

Wiring diagrams

Partial schematic for the Format Board on 1000 series Virtuality.

Schematic for a switching power supply; not attributed, but was provided with 1000 series documentation.

Collection of random harnesses, pinouts and schematics for the 1000 series Virtuality:
1. Harness (loom) from Power Supply to Format Board.
2. Pinout for the Space Joystick.
3. Harness from Expality DB15 to Tracker Board.
4. DB9 analog video pinout.
5. Source (tracker) DIN connector pinout.
6. 23-way connector pinout for Backpack.
7. Pinouts for Power Supply connectors.
8. Schematic for AC mains supply to Format Board. Includes audio amps.
9. Layout diagram of Format Board.
10. Diagram showing the range of the tracker Sources, and the absolute minimum space requirements for the game to avoid interference with the field around the Sources.


1993 Memo and procedures from (EBME) Edison Brothers Mall Entertainment for inspection of Virtuality equipment.

1994 cover letter from Horizon Entertainment accompanying the 1000CS Service Manual.

1992 instructions from Ascension explaining how to change the PROMs on Bird or Flock of Birds.

Amiga startup error codes from The Transactor.

Let the gathering begin...

I'm beginning a project to scan and post documentation on Virtuality.
Let me acknowledge first a few of those who have gone before me. These are great resources if you are trying to make sense of Virtuality systems.